Vegetarian Funnies for the Cold Season

22 11 2011

Alright folks, I apologize for my brief leave of absence.  It appears that cold season has been eating their spinach and seriously kicked my butt these past few days. 

Is it just me, or does everyone become a big suck when they are sick? I spent the last three days in bed avoiding the outside world, wishing for a quiet death, and making bargains with the Gods to solve world hunger if they made me feel better for just one day.  Just me?  Cool. 

Well I need a pick-me-up so I decided to post some funny vegetarian jokes today.  I also researched some vegetarian recipes that include ‘super foods’ to help build the ol’ immune system.  I’m going to test one recipe tonight, and post it later this week.  (Something to look forward to, other than the weekend. Friday’s are like so last weekend.)


My fave

Vegan Insomnia


Kiss a Vegetarian


Eat Mor Chikin